Penny Collins
Penny Collins
Graphic Design / Illustration

Penny Collins

Graphic Design / Illustration


About Me

Penny Collins spent her formative years in the rural farming community of Brimfield, Ohio. Exposed to all cycles of life from an early age, she learned to see beauty in the macabre and underside of rocks.

Penny's art evolved from a need to express emotion, experiences, and map out questionable character reflections in general. Her passion for symbolism and archetypes (specifically feminine archetypes) is mirrored in much of her work.

Her work has been displayed in the Toledo Museum of Art, garnered awards and recognitions including several international design publications.

Penny currently resides in Toledo, Ohio and operates Studio 566 in the heart of the city.

Yours, Truly

My favorite subjects are portraits of nontraditional/gritty people. I try to allow my pencil to echo the thousands of stories each face, each hand, each expression conveys to me. The world is also a very crazy place. I use my art to try to make sense of it. It isn't working.

Member of Kappa Pi / Eta Sigma Chapter International Honorary Art Fraternity

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